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Photography for your business

Your business, whether it be a product or service, is unique. No one out there is doing things quite like you are, so make sure everyone knows it and shout from the rooftops!

You probably have your own website and social media channels, its important to remember that your homepage is your shop window and any other pages are the shop interior, so you need enticing content to encourage people to browse or make a purchase.

Are you using stock images from the internet? If yes, can I ask why? Do they represent YOUR business?

Your business is your passion and livelihood, you strive daily to make sure everything is perfect in order to drive sales and provide that first class service. So why not represent it with bespoke images that showcase your business in its best light? and more importantly so, the way it deserves to be!

Did you know that over 91% of users engage with visual content more than text?

Did you know visuals increase a consumer’s desire to continue reading content by 80%?

When you scroll through a website, what is the first thing you look at? For me, it’s the images, so I am one of the 91%.

First impressions count. If you’re interested in having some new images taken of you and your business, drop me a message. You might be anxious that it will cost a lot, I promise you it doesn’t…you only need a few images to get started and you can add more as your business grows, develops and evolves.

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